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Heike Monogatari

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The Heike Story, 平家物語
Status: Completed Studio: Wydany: 2021 Czas trwania: 23 min. per ep. Sezon: Kraj: Rodzaj: TV Odcinki: 11 Fansub: PL Dyrektor: Wysłane przez: Wydano dnia: Zaktualizowano:
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Streszczenie Heike Monogatari

Młoda sierota imieniem Biwa zostaje przygarnięta przez klan Taira inaczej zwany Heike. Owa dziewczynka posiada niezykłe umięjętności, dzięki którym przepowiada przywódcy klanu straszną przyszłość splamioną krwią wojny domowej. Inspirowane XII-wieczną opowieścią Heike Monogatari.
The Taira clan, also known as the Heike, holds immense authority over Japan. When a young girl, gifted with an odd eye that allows her to see the future, foolishly disrespects the clan, her father pays the price of her crime with his life. Soon after, as fate would have it, Taira no Shigemori—the eldest son of the clan leader—stumbles upon the same unfortunate girl, who now calls herself "Biwa." Biwa informs him that the downfall of the Heike is imminent. After learning of the great injustice Biwa suffered at the Heike's hands, Shigemori vows to take her in and care for her rather than let her be killed.

In an era of rising military tension, the Heike are in the midst of a cunning struggle for power, and bloodstained war is on the horizon. Shigemori, whose eyes allow him to see spirits of the dead, is both anxious and hopeful to prevent his clan's demise. Biwa, however, is reluctant to reveal the future to him and must adapt to her new life filled with both happiness and sorrow in this pivotal chapter in Japanese history.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Postacie i aktorzy głosowi

Biwa Main
Yuuki, Aoi Japanese
Taira no, Tokuko Supporting
Hayami, Saori Japanese
Taira no, Shigemori Supporting
Fujiwara no, Tadakiyo Supporting
Saitou, Sanemori Supporting
Saitou, Shirou Japanese
Senoo, Kaneyasu Supporting
Ikawa, Shuuei Japanese
Mongaku Supporting
Sasaki, Mutsumi Japanese
Gozu Supporting
Ihara, Masaaki Japanese
Minamoto no, Yoritomo Supporting
Fujiwara no, Motofusa Supporting