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Mazica Party

Oglądaj całe odcinki Mazica Party, pobieraj Mazica Party napisy pl, Mazica Party odcinki po Polsku, Oglądaj Mazica Party online pl, anime online Mazica Party na - Anime Polska.
Status: Ongoing Studio: Wydany: 2021 Czas trwania: 24 min. Sezon: Kraj: Rodzaj: TV Dyrektor: Wysłane przez: Wydano dnia: Zaktualizowano:
Obejrzyj anime Mazica Party z polskimi napisami na - Anime Polska. Darmowe oglądanie Mazica Party pl napisy, oglądaj w jakościach 1080p 720P 360P 240P 480P strona mobilna dla każdego, Mazica Party na - Anime Polska najlepsze anime online pl

Streszczenie Mazica Party

The franchise's story centers on wizards who gather mazica in order to save the world. Junior high school student Kezuru wakes up after a strange dream featuring himself as a wizard, a creature called "mazin," and a mysterious girl. The next day, his friend Kuracchi proudly shows off the newly launched Mazica Party card game. To Kezuru's shock, all the characters drawn in the game's cards are just like the ones in his dream.

Meanwhile, Kezuru receives a notification for an event at the major international company Mazica. Intrigued, Kezuru goes to the Mazica Store as directed, only to meet the Mazica CEO himself, Jeff Johns. Johns says, "I have great expectations for you," and hands Kezuru Mazica Gear.

On his way back home, Kezuru is attacked by an airship-like creature. Just when he thinks, "this is it!" to himself, his Mazica Gear erupts and a magic book appears. When he scratches a card, he seals a contract with Barunya, a "mazin" creature that is an odd remixed fusion between an airship and a cat.

The mysterious girl Anya says Kezuru and those of his ilk will be "the true wizards who save the world." Amid all these mysterious revelations, Kezuru enrolls in the Mazica Academy and engages in Mazica Party card battles alongside his partner mazin.

(Source: ANN)

Postacie i aktorzy głosowi

Kanna Main
Nagae, Rika Japanese
de Glengard XII, Anya Main
Kondou, Reina Japanese
Kuracchi Main
Funato, Yurie Japanese
Barunya Main
Takeuchi, Junko Japanese
Kezuru Main
Komatsu, Mikako Japanese
Silver Supporting
One Knight Supporting
Satou, Takuya Japanese
Jaguja Supporting
Wanisuke Supporting
Disco Supporting

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